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The comfort in the bedroom is a favorite bed, snuck clean, fragrant, pleasant to the body and beautiful bed linen. The love You brand has been operating in our market for several years and creates all the textiles necessary for comfortable sleep and rest from natural fabrics - modern satin, refined jacquard, soft silk, distinguished by good operational properties and bright pleasant color.

Love You offers its customers to pick up a set of bed linen of impeccable quality for children and adults of various standard sizes:

  • One and a half is the optimal size;
  • Euro - on a huge bed;
  • Family - for the convenience of all family members;
  • the arena is for the little ones.

  • The duvet and pillowcases can be decorated with jacquard thread, embroidery and lace. Different colors from calm noble, to bright modern allow you to choose an option for all tastes.

    You can pick up and buy bedding of different series:

    • Premium bedding - exquisite performance of cotton matter, in the production of which uses a unique long-fiber cotton; other pieces use a special material Washed Cotton - a kind of boiled textiles, which has the appearance of aged cotton, 100% natural fabric, durable, very soft.
    • Poplin is a velvet fabric that consists of cotton and does not contain synthetic components.
    • Jacquard - an elegant series using 100% cotton and jacquard fabric. Jacquard has an aristocratic ornament, thanks to which the kit acquires a special beauty;
    • Satin - made of a long-lasting, anti-allergenic, pleasant material, having a silky structure and a lightest gleam;
    • Satin satin is a special noble jacquard weave in the form of stripes;
    • Children's bedding - 100% natural and safe for delicate skin bedding with a bright cute pattern;
    • Satin 3D and DIGITAL - original and bright kits with a voluminous pattern on them;
    • Polisatin - bright and stylish underwear of the material, in the modern structure there are two components - cotton and polyester.

    • Products from each series absolutely meet the highest quality requirements, are safe for the skin, contribute to a good comfortable sleep.

      Buy a set of bed linen is not only for personal use. It can be a great gift for close friends or relatives at a housewarming or wedding anniversary.
      If you want to find first-class bedding, online store "Love You" offers you the best choice and a wide range at bargain prices. A convenient system of filters on the site will help to quickly find the right product, a detailed description will give an opportunity to make an accurate idea of the product. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible.