Recommendations for bed linen care New bedding is recommended to be washed before use to ensure maximum comfort for future use. Before washing, turn the bed linen to the wrong side. Use washing powder with a minimum amount of bleaching ingredients. This will keep the rich color of the original pattern on your linen for a long time. Also, before washing, it is necessary to distribute the laundry by color and temperature conditions. It is not recommended to wash bedding made from natural fabrics together with polyester items. This can lead to the loss of some qualities (tenderness and softness), both in some and in other tissues. In case of stains on the bed linen, the set must be processed in accordance with the recommendations for caring for this type of product before washing. Using bleach is not recommended as it can negatively affect the color palette and fabric. The washing machine should be filled to 50% for an effective, gentle wash, light rinsing and spinning of the bed linen. Dry bed linen immediately after washing. When using a tumble dryer, observe the delicate cycle. Ironing bed linen should be slightly damp, which will ensure easy and thorough ironing. Embroidered items must be ironed from the wrong side. It is important to always follow the care instructions on the label, paying attention to all symbols.