• Color Pink
    Country of origin China
    Country of registration of the brand Ukraine
    Material Silk
    Strap Non-adjustable strap
    Structure 100% silk
    The size 10 * 20
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Silk mask 2 sets of earplugs for sleeping convenient gift bag cosmetic bag.
Color: light pink.
The elastic is closed with a silk cloth in the color of the mask.
100% premium quality natural silk (Mulberry silk)
The filler is 100% silk.
Does not let light through
Fits the head, leaves no marks on the face.

It is advisable to use a silk detergent or natural shampoo.
Hand wash (maximum 30 ° C)
Silk should not be washed in hot water as it loses its softness.
Blot the garment with a clean dry towel before drying to absorb excess moisture,
then lay the product on a horizontal surface to dry.

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