The quality of sleep depends on our convenience. To the full extent it can only be provided with good cushions, endowed with comfortable and pleasant to touch the pillowcases. Such simple products have at once Several functions: protective, decorative and ventilation. They're the same. ensure that the pillow's performance is maintained. The main thing is Buy a pillowcase of the right size and design.

Product manufacturing material

Our website provides a wide range of products. Vary products not only in their design, but also in size, as well as fabrication material. To the most popular and sought-after fabrics for These types of products include:

  • Silk. It is believed that made of such material provide hair with an attractive shine and prevent skin ageing, as well as the formation of wrinkles.
  • Len. Linen quality pillowcases provide freshness of the face, improve the condition of the skin.
  • Cotton. Pleasant to the body material does not cause allergies and give a calm, healthy sleep.

Such materials are considered to be the best for such "cases." Differ they are high cost. In addition, the site offers and products from synthetic tissues that are also perfectly safe for the body and have a stylish color, but are much cheaper.

Product dimension

There are different products and in size. Sleep is most commonly used pillowcases 70-70 or 50 to 50 cm. As decorative elements The interiors are applied to cushions of much smaller sizes (30/30/40/40). In this case, their shape can be not only square/rectangular, but also therefore, such items are recommended for such items. sew covers to order.

The area of the product directly depends on the size of the sides of the pillow itself. It is pointless to buy "cases" of smaller or larger sizes. In the first in the case, the product simply does not fit for a pillow, and in the second - corners will be jammed, because of which the appearance will be spoiled. Most often in bed kits are provided with pillowcases 50 to 70 cm.

The benefits of buying at LoveYou

On the site you can order pillowcases separately from the kit bed linen. We only sell quality products that have attractive-aesthetic look. A wide range of products Allows you to pick up fully compatible with bed kit Option. Classic monochrome or bright with ornament? Rectangular Is it square? The choice is yours!

Only at the LoveYou store can you set of pillowcases to buy at the most affordable cost in Ukraine! Give a new look to your bed and provide a pleasant sleep for yourself already Today, along with quality pillowcases from our store!